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Hello all,

My boyfriend has been suffering from a general malaise that might be depression or might be bad mojo from the house we're living in. The house makes me feel uneasy and nervous. He lived here with a previous girlfriend for a while, and I know that they had intense and sometimes violent (throwing things, hitting walls) arguments. We have spackled over the holes in the walls, but I think some bad energy is still lingering.

(I've also considered the possibility that it might be an actual sound vibration from an appliance, and have cut off the fans and A/C to the room for today. The water heater is directly below us in the garage, but I don't really know how to measure sound frequencies with enough accuracy to tell if the sound is causing an actual neurophysical sense of dis-ease. Still exploring this.)

I would really like to find some blessings, rituals or prayers we can use to cleanse the house of any negative energy -- from the previous girlfriend, my boyfriend's dad who shares the space, or previous owners. But since I don't associate with pagan or Native American rituals particularly, something other than the old standby of burning white sage would be great.

My boyfriend is Jewish; my people are Scots-Irish and I'm of a Buddhist Lite (TM) faith right now. Things from these traditions would be especially cool.

Thanks all!

spirtual detachement after being ill ?

I need some advice.
Ive been quite ill, for around a week, after ending up in hospital due to an allergic reaction.
Im pretty recovered now, but I feel spirtually detached, Im curious if this could be related.
I feel low energy and cant seem to get my ass into gear when it comes to connecting.
Dont get me wrong my faith has not altered but I just feel detached, is this normal after being ill ?
Many Thanks in advance
Hey guys!

Question 1: Daily Study
For a while now, I've been wanting to incorporate a daily study time and/or devotional... That type of thing. However, I'm having a hard time of where to find new things to study. I spend time outside and try to fit in meditation time, but I'd like to learn some new things and feel like I'm really getting involved in something new and/or different, you know?

Question 2: Summertime Things
What kinds of things do you do around the house when it's hot/summer-y to make it refreshing and comfy -- a place you really want to be? I live with my mother, and while she's not a pagan, she likes a lot of my candle-burning and incense rituals and such, and I'd like to find some new fragrances or something that would really be great for this time of year (but not incense only because I feel like it's too "heavy" for this heat -- I'm a Virginian), or maybe some rituals or spells or something...?

Any tips or ideas?

A bit about me (if it's relevant): I'm a solitary eclectic pagan with a wide range of beliefs from Native American, Buddhist, and Wiccan and all sorts of stuff... I don't really use many tools, but I'm very much into hoodoo and root working. 
CAM00043 I recently moved into a new home I found this coin in our indoor garage. Its gold with a star and has a crescent moon on the right side. Im not sure why it was cut in half, thats just the way i found it. It could be some kind of protection charm but its very thinly pressed and I've never seen something like it and i like to play it safe. So if you know what it is or have a guess please let me know, thanks!

Rant on a common quote

"A spell is just like a prayer."
No, no it's not, and blurring the lines is driving me buggy again.

While this common comparison is often quoted, it is wrong on nearly all counts.

A spell is a statement, and often an order. A spell creates or re-enforces a connection that triggers a result. The caster is causing a shift to occur

A prayer is a request or a plea. A prayer seeks the aid of an outside force or manifestation to enact change. The seeker is requesting a chance.

These are not the same relationship to energy, intent, focus, or expected outcome.
A prayer requires an answer, which may be no depending on a will outside of the seeker.
A spell requires an intent and drive, which may fail- but is traceable to the caster and can be corrected with training and practice.

What a spell and a prayer have in common is they are both forms of magic- mainly spell work (go figure) and petition magic. What is also true is that not all magic is spell work, though all spell work is magic. Requesting aid from an outside source, either with or without an offering of goods, spirit, energy,blood, strong drink, or chocolate has been a part of most cultures and continues to pop up in most of our current ones. Separating petition magic from prayer is easy, we pray to our God, They use (silly) spells.( Or not so silly spells, but I trust you get the point.)
So while a spell isn't just like a prayer, even though some spells are closer to prayers and historically there were some prayers much closer to spells, what is true is that prayers are just another form of magic. This can be easily supported and will calm those who would have been calmed by the misquote, and rile up those who would have been riled up, with the added benefit of using terms correctly.
Yes, I am both on my high horse AND soapbox ( I and my horse have wonderful balance), but really it  isn't  to know, to dare, to hope(or to dither), to be silent" after all. Spells imposing will on the world(s).

Here endeth the rant.

Positive Energy

Greetings and Merry Meet!
Just requesting some positive energy tonight for my hubby.
Some background...
He is his own brand if Christian has dabbled a bit in Shamanism and he is fully open to my witchy ways.
We have been going through a bit of a rough patch. He is very hard on himself and seems to be easily discouraged. He had been trying to loose weight (not as fast as he would like), had recently lost his job, and is trying to get a creative project he has been working on off the ground and supported which isn't taking off like he would want. All while we are dealing with trying to save to adopt and the general feelings that surround that. So he has been feeling rather useless and down on himself. I have been fully supporting him and until the past few days, he has seemed pretty upbeat. It got me worried so tonight I decided to send him some love and light during my meditations, and when I connected with his higher spirit, I was hit with a strong sadness that brought tears to my eyes (when I had been pretty much in positive spirits). I had this image of a bear (his spirit animal) hunched over alone in a cave.
After my meditation we talked some and I hugged him and did my best to assure him I was there for him.
He seems in better spirits now but we could use the positive vibes. He tends to try and be strong and not communicate his feelings, which are obviously very strong so any love and light and advice will be appreciated.


Thanks for reading this far!! <3

Tarot for timing...

I've done extensive Googling on this subject, but a lot of it seems to be all over the place. So I wanted to know if anyone here has ever used the Tarot to give predictions or an idea of a particular date on which something will happen, and how you did it.

I ask because I'm curious when I'm going to give birth to my son. :) While I know that's completely up in the air (baby decides, right?!), I thought it'd be fun to see how accurate the cards could be. So I did a quick draw last night of two cards: The first, to see if I would be early, on time (within two days of my due date), or late; the second, if I'm early or late, by how many days.

[And how did THAT go?]Of course, my first card was the Ace of Wands, which (by my research) indicates the day of ("wands" indicating days and Ace being, well, one!) or in Spring, the latter of which is kind of "no duh" as I'm due on 25 April, pretty much smack in the middle of the season. :)

The second card I almost thought I didn't need, but if the first indicates Spring, the second could mean days before or after my due date... and of course, it was the Ten of Swords. So now I'm TOTALLY confused... Swords for weeks, or for Autumn?!

I'm considering another reading, but I want to know what, if anything, y'all make of this first.
Hi, everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get more information on Chiron centered on Greek mythology rather than astrology. I've read just about everything I can find on the internet and was wondering if maybe there was a decent book that either centers on Chiron or at least has a decent section on him that goes a bit deeper than the usual descriptions. I've found it very difficult to find deeper information as many unrelated things such as companies have taken on the name Chiron or use him as a mascot. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Also - sorry for any xposting!

Crystal Points

Hi all....
I'm looking to buy some crystal points for my meditation space BUT I don't want to spend a fortune on them and anything above $25 for a medium-large point is a fortune to me. This may be a stretch but are there any wholesale sites you recommend for this kind of thing? I'm currently trying ebay, but I don't really trust buying crystal points from china... trying it though.


Prayers please!

Edit!: It seems that the issue of this little guy not peeing was
because his bladder and urethra muscles were over tensed, so the doctor
has decided to give him a muscle relaxant to hopefully help him release
his urine easier! He gets to come home some time tomorrow with a Rx, and
hopefully all this mess is behind us! Thankfully the little drama king
here was blockage free! THANK YOU EVERYONE! MY SWEET BABY IS OK!
*knocks on wood*

My son Archie is in a real bind right now; he's having trouble peeing
and might need a really expensive and almost disfiguring surgery and We
really can't afford it right now, so please, any good wishes or prayers
or candles for him is more than needed right now. We just want our baby
to get better and not be in pain any longer. It's ripping my partner in
half and I can't imagine losing this sweet little guy. I'm not asking
for anything more than love his way, I just needed to let it be known
that he's in trouble and we're all so worried about him.

Thank you.


Kirke (Circe) by Mary Crane
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