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New to the fold

  Hello, everyone.  I am a pagan, but I do get along with Wiccans.  I am not a Wiccan, because I do not follow any specific tradition. 

  A little about me:  I'm 32, and I have an elven spirit lover, whom I have been with since I was seventeen.  He is my guide and protector, and I also consider him my familiar spirit, because he helps me with my magic.

  I have a form of magic I have created, called 'Chevalomancy,' which involves using the images of horses (particularly their colors and markings) for the sake of spell work and divination.

  I don't often use candles in my spells, but I do use incense, which I find has a more potent effect.  I have an air element affinity, so apparently that explains my love of incense.

  I am eager to meet other like-minded souls;  I only just recently started a journal for the sake of discussing my pagan beliefs (and my spirit lover), and I would love to add people to my friends list.  If anyone would like to friend me, let me know.  :)

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