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Cleansing/disconnecting a talisman or stone... and my involvement in it?

Attempting to keep this brief: my Other Half is an empirical thinker and Buddhist on the Autism spectrum. He regularly wears a gold and onyx ring that belonged to his step-grandfather, a man who saw only my Other Half's "disability" and wrote him off as "useless" for most of their lives together. The ring was initially a gift from the grandfather's first wife; it was given to my Other Half by his grandmother, the owner's second wife. The onyx ring is currently in my purse (where everything's shielded). It's important to Other Half that the ring is not destroyed or otherwise damaged, as the gift of it is, in his dysfunctional family, considered a test of his adulthood and responsibility.

While on that relative's property last week doing some maintenance, we heard what sounded like a door closing and Other Half got an image in his mind of this grandfather figure dressed as though he'd been outdoors working but decayed as though his remains had been "left out in the woods for a long time" in the downstairs of the home. He also felt a "malevolence" associated with the vision, to the point that he went for a weapon and locked us both in a safe room for about 10 minutes until I recentered myself and checked the house. This grandfather passed away 10 years ago and was cremated at that time. It took in excess of forty-five minutes to cycle enough calming, soothing energy into the room that he could begin to relax. (Which, tbf, I do to get myself to sleep at night anyway, it just usually doesn't take that long for his energy to ebb too.)

Other Half can't really wrap his mind around the fact that whatever this vision was could be partly addressed by the "stuff" he "doesn't believe in". My instinct is to stick the sucker (the ring, not my future husband) in a cup of sea salt in direct sunlight for a couple of days. But, I could smudge it, or do a saltwater soak or come up with a severing ritual and literally cut the ring's ties to anyone but my Other Half. I just don't want to risk damaging this freakin' ring, even if Other Half only wears it in front of his grandmother from this point on.

Meanwhile I'm also trying to figure out ways to make the property less intimidating after the scare he took.

And finally, I'm noticing that every one of my long-term partners has an outside entity scare the living daylights out of them after a few years in our relationship. It concerns me that this entity is the same thing cropping back up every time and it's really attached to me, not them.

Thoughts from the community?

Merry meet!

Hello! I was so excited to have stumbled across this community. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Rose and I am 28 years old. I am a Catholic Witch and love incorporating witchcraft into my prayers and involvement with the church. I am also a Tarot reader and created this blog for the benefit of myself and my Tarot journey as well as for those who are curious about Tarot and would like to learn as well as those who already read Tarot and are looking to meet people with similar interests. I am really excited to be a part of this community and I hope to meet some wonderful witches!

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Friendly hello

Just wanted to send a hello to anyone who may be watching this thread

Peace my brothers and sisters

"Coincidence is a figment of your reality; synchronicity is everywhere"

in need of some help...

Ok, I work in a bar that is extremely haunted. MOST of the spirits are no problem.. But there is one that had been sticking around a lot lately.. That literally makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, I'm more of a feeler then anything, it gives me a feeling of pure evil. I have seen and heard it as well. My Co worker finally broke down and told me that this thing has been following her. I asked a friend who usedto livein my town and he said that this particular being is not one to mess with. And protecting myself was essential.. Of which I have been doing, both in a spiritual sense, and physical with sage, salt water, rocks, and rose petals. I tried helping my friend by giving her rose quartz, the evil thing laughed at her she said.. She is also having what she calls nightmares where it sounds like she has astral projected out of her body and is watching as this evil thing is over her body, and her body is kicking and trying to get away.. She has woken up with scratches from it, and is in a constant state of fear from it. I need some major advice, I haven't dealt with an evil being this strong. I have felt it try to tear through my personal protective barriers.. It's strong.

Is having your Book inbetween your mattress bad?

For whatever reason all my life i have placed the most important witch related books inbetween the mattress i sleep on.
I have been doing this since i got my first handwritten book from a relative when i was a very small girl to some that were given to me as gifts and are published. Most of the published ones are on shelves but even my own handwritten one is underneath there with some of my family ones. I never thought it was wrong/bad/negative it was just my instinct as a child.
However a fellow witch came over a few days ago to appreciate our alters and saw me grab some of my books and heirlooms given to me by my elders from inbetween my mattress to show her and was very shocked and expressed her opinion quite strongly on how shes been told by various people this is a very bad thing to do because i am sleeping on top of them and not only is it perhaps rude but very unsafe etc

have any of you heard about this, anything at all, good or bad?
Id just really like some opinions in general
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I have a crystal sphere that apparently needs charging...

Last night I cleaned up my altar. It doesn't get a lot of use, because I don't do a lot in the way of actual ritual/spellwork.

Anyway, it's gotten a bit dusty, and yesterday I'd gotten bad news about a friend being diagnosed with a serious illness. So I went to clean it up, pondering the while what sort of changes might be appropriate to add healing workings there for her.

The surface got wiped down, and given the dust, most of the pieces on it were taken for a light wash in the sink.

When I got to one particular piece, I had a reaction to it.

I don't normally *react* to my stuff, magickal or not. And *this* piece, while it's on my altar, wasn't purchased as a magickal item. It's a ~ 2" crystal sphere that I bought nearly 14 years ago because the seller showed me how a reflection would invert if it was moved. I bought it because I thought it was cool. And when I later set up a formal altar for personal use, that's where it went. (Well. Sort of. Actually the altar happened to get set up where the sphere happened to live, mostly because that particular surface - the top of my dresser- was convenient, and it made sense for the sphere to become one of the altar items, despite it's de facto status as a knickknack.)

But last night, as soon as my fingers closed around it to pick it up...I heard that voice (it's *mine*) in my head, the one that speaks up from time to time to tell me things. It's an actual voice.

*Shit, it's empty.*

Empty. Not charged. No energy. Aside from the fact that I had any reaction *at all*, this is notable because I don't normally charge my stuff. In fact, until I got the Goblet of Fire, I don't think I'd ever charged *any* of them - I never felt the need to.

And I wasn't sure whether it needed charging because it ran out, or whether it had *always* been empty and now I was sensing it. Or what to do about it.

So I took it to the sink, and put it in water with rosemary and lavender - my normal cleansing mix. It didn't seem happy. (Cleansing isn't charging, after all.)

*What do you want?* I thought at it.

I got a mental image of the sphere, buried in a bunch dry lavender flowers, only in my mind, the lavender flowers looked more pink than light purple.

It didn't seem to want the lavender flowers I *have*. (Maybe it's not lavender it wants to be nested in? If not, what was that I saw? Anyone know what herb might look like pink lavender flowers?) It doesn't want the lavender *oil* I have.

I put it on the tray next to my bed overnight, along with a token from my friend, the one who's ill. (Something she gave me a few years ago, which happens to live on my altar.)

In the morning I tried to put it back where it'd been. (NW corner) It didn't want to go back *there*. I sort of hovered it around the altar to see what might feel "right".

It wanted to be next to the token, which had already been put back in it's usual spot. OK then.

I think it still wants charging, but I'm not sure *how*. That's mostly what I need suggestions on.

Other stuff I'm thinking about may or may not be related, but I think I've rambled enough.

aam i strange? is this normal?

Hey everyone,
I'm new to this page, and don't really have anyone I can talk to about any of the things I am experiencing in my life. I live in a Christian based community, and honestly I some-what fear telling people these things, but I'm at a point I would love some insight, some knowledge, some sort of explanation?

Ok, here we go.. Collapse )
Collapse )
These are just the big questions i have.. The ones that really are making me wonder If I'm the only one who has experienced any of these types of things. I'm 27 yrs old, but still fairly new at following my faith (controlling ex-husband would not allow me to follow my path if faith..). But i do know this is the faith i have always been linked to.
I'm sorry this is so long and drags on about a lot of different topics, i just. Need to have someone to hear this, and possibly help me understand.
Thank u for reading.

spells for health problems

Hi there,

Do you guys ever use spells to help you with health problems?
I've struggled with stomach problems/possible intestinal yeast overgrowth for the past few years.
it was ok for a while, but now I feel like it's flaring up again.
It seems like there's a strong mind/body component to this health woe so I feel like magic could really help.
I want to let the yeast know it's not welcome and bring my body back into balance.
Any ideas, any experience I would love to hear.

Thanks so much!
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i’m feeling really disconnected from my spirituality right now.

i experienced this once, from around 18-20 when i had a really sort of terrifying UPG experience and i think i shut down from fear? but this time i think the stress and just blehhh of my life has gotten to me, and i feel out of touch with my deities, my gifts and the earth.

i really don’t know what to do because last time i found my circle and they helped me reconnect but this time i don’t have them.

does anyone have any tips for reconnecting? or, i referred to it before as feeling “unplugged” and plugging myself back in.

(i think the fact that i’m trying to find my path/trad doesn’t help, either. there’s a lot of anxiety that i am Doing It Wrong.