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Where there's a Witch, there's a way

Non-Wiccan Witchcraft
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Are you a Witch, but not Wiccan? Then this community is for you!

  • Hedge Witches
  • Kitchen Witches
  • Green Witches
  • Hoodoo/Conjure/Rootworkers
  • Wise Women and Cunning Men
  • Folk Magic Practitioners
  • Solitary or Covened, Dianic or Traditional
  • Whatsamawitch (and so forth)

  • If you consider yourself a Pagan but not a witch specifically, you may prefer nonwiccanpagans. If you find that you don't quite fit in with other Witchcraft communities at LJ (or even if you do!), our sincere hope is that you will fit in here!

    We're here to create community, share spells and folklore, Goddess/God info, book/video/other media recommendations, and just generally learn from and support one another on the path. Let's make the journey a joyous one!

    Your moderators are sara_super_id and mageoflamancha. If you have any complaints, feel free to let us know, although bear in mind this is a very open community. Also remember, emailing the moderator about issues may warrant a quicker response than posting a complaint to the community. Please email us at nwwmods@gmail.com. Keeping posts about drama down is a way you can prevent flame-wars.

    ** Come check out our community bookshelf! There, you'll find tons of informative literature and sources, complete with Amazon links. Be sure to comment with suggestions to be added to our bookshelf. **

    ** Our Community Bookmarks is for non-Wiccan online resources. If you have a bookmark suggestion, please add it to the comments. **

    ** And finally, we have a list of Pagan- and Witchcraft-related shops for your perusal, both brick-and-mortar and online. Feel free to add your shop or a favorite to our list. **

    A few community guidelines:

  • No Wicca-bashing. If you've come here to rant about "fluff bunnies," you've come to the wrong place. Rants are good and fun, but this isn't a community specifically for that. They are out there. Not all Wiccans are "fluff bunnies" (and it's a bit of a moot point anyway, seeing as how most anti-"fluffy" rants come from... other Wiccans!). I am not the same person I was when I was 15 -- are you? A little respect for those with the courage to break away from the pack and take those first tentative steps toward independence, if you please.

  • No Christianity-bashing. Discussion is welcome, unproductive whining is not. See above.

  • No bashing, period. We do not tolerate personal attacks.

  • No nastiness in general. We are all in this together - respect is due.

  • If you are offended by a post or comment made by a user, please do not delete the post or comment thread. We cannot check the community 24/7, no matter how much we'd like, so we need to know what the offenses are.

  • Also, no freezing comments/threads.

  • Also also, do not disable commenting in your posts.

  • This is a not a "traditionalist/reconstructionist" community. No "my tradition is better/older/more authentic/etc. than your tradition" nonsense will be tolerated. Debates and opinions are fine, but nitpicking to instigate isn't.

  • Advertisements will be kept to a minimum. If you would like to advertise your store, other community, website, project, etc. in Non-Wiccan Witch, please submit a request to the Mods via their email: nwwmods@gmail.com. Advertisements that are posted to this community without permission from the Mods will be deleted and the user will be notified. All approved advertisements must be put under a cut after the first paragraph.

  • DO... have fun and learn!

  • Effective 24 November 2009: Any and all trolls (and related) and off-topic posts will be handled appropriately. For the former category, this will involve deletion of the offending post and banning of the user. For the latter, the post will be deleted and the user will be notified of said deletion; a second offense will result in banning of that user.