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aam i strange? is this normal?

Hey everyone,
I'm new to this page, and don't really have anyone I can talk to about any of the things I am experiencing in my life. I live in a Christian based community, and honestly I some-what fear telling people these things, but I'm at a point I would love some insight, some knowledge, some sort of explanation?

Ok, here we go.. I have noticed i can "feel" people's emotions, sometimes Very strongly, but never enough to over power how i am feeling. I don't really know how to explain it, really but i can tell who its coming from, its usually only when I'm in the same room. Never much farther then that (thank goodness). But i don't understand why or how..
Over the years i have also noticed that if i look into a person's eyes, i can read what kind of a person they really are, somethings i can read what has caused them yo be the way they are, not the whole story but like s glimpse of what had made them who they are, i can read success/failure, an amazing multitude of insight on the person, and certain depths of their emotions. (that's the best way i can explain that one. I've fine it i was a little kid, and my mother tried to tell me growing up that i shouldn't judge people by my first impression, but time and time again, what i read in their eyes was the character they truly turned out to be. Not once has it been inaccurate.) I never tell what i see/read. Its very very hard to put into any kind of words. But i guess the best way to put it is, i feel them, i know them, without saying anything to them, just looking into their eyes (makes the saying eyes are the window to the soul, an extremely true statement in my life).
Since last December i have occasionally had time periods where i become extremely fatigued, if i go lay down, i will instantly be out cold. I am not a dreamer for me to have a dream is a real rarity. But during those times of fatigue when i am out, i see myself as a wolf, as in i have 4 white legs, a, grey/white thick coat of fur, a bushy grey/white tail, and the whole shabang, i see it as if im the wolf.. And I'm not alone, there are several others, and we are in the mountains, and i feel like we are protecting a cave? These "dreams" if you will are so real, its unexplainable (and i really hope i do not sound crazy). If someone wakes me up from these dreams, i feel only half here, shaky, and nausiated. If I wake up on my own its a wake up gasping for air and sitting straight up, Displacement, followed by the shaky feeling and an extreme hunger.
These are just the big questions i have.. The ones that really are making me wonder If I'm the only one who has experienced any of these types of things. I'm 27 yrs old, but still fairly new at following my faith (controlling ex-husband would not allow me to follow my path if faith..). But i do know this is the faith i have always been linked to.
I'm sorry this is so long and drags on about a lot of different topics, i just. Need to have someone to hear this, and possibly help me understand.
Thank u for reading.


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Nov. 21st, 2013 01:34 am (UTC)
I have noticed i can "feel" people's emotions, sometimes Very strongly, but never enough to over power how i am feeling.

Sounds like you're an empath with an innate ability to "shield" so that the emotions of others don't overwhelm you. I'm much like that, so I can relate. Even online, I can tell just from text how a friend is feeling (and I admit I've freaked a couple people out with that, but it is what it is). People are very individual and different, but I've noticed things like body language, the look in their eyes and a variety of other things will clue me in to a lot. I think these are clues we take in subconsciously, and that, together with intuition, often leads us to the right conclusions. I don't know what it is, exactly, either, but I'm grateful to have this going on. Friends often turn to me when they're not well, and then tell me I found exactly the right words to say to them, and how to say them, and I actually helped. It's a humbling experience for me. It's also helped me avoid some unsavoury characters and protect myself from them.
Nov. 21st, 2013 07:19 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! That helps me a lot more then you may realize. I've thought That was the case for the last year, or so. I have also figured out that my daughter who is now 8, (7 at the time she told me) has this same gift. I don't know how i have a strong shield, i know as a child i often felt a lot of emotions i knew we not my own. But my guess is that it took time, patience and directionality for me to pin point who's emotions were who's. And the use of a shield would make complete sense. I had read a lot of different articles trying to figure out What exactly this was. But i could never find any that said you could pin point another persons emotions. Only that you could feel the emotions of everyone around you.,I've done it in crowds, and honestly, Learning not to Second guess my feelers, has made it amazingly helpful in everyday life. I can help people, and protect myself and others from harm (my occupation is a bartender.) Thank you so much for helping me solve that little conundrum. Lol now if only i could figure out these other two. I have so many more honestly. But don't want to go overboard, and bombard this site with a bunch of stuff lol. But again.. Thank you!
Nov. 21st, 2013 12:43 pm (UTC)
Aw hey, I'm glad if it was helpful, and you're most welcome.

Learning not to Second guess my feelers, has made it amazingly helpful in everyday life.

Yep, first impressions are often the correct ones. It's hard for me not to second-guess myself sometimes, though, knowing I could always be wrong. It's hard to describe, but I sense other's emotions in a different "place" than I do my own, so that it's more a shadowy impression of a feeling rather than an actual emotion. That's how I differentiate. Everyone's different though. I have another friend who's an empath and who'll actually experience emotions, and even tends to feel physical pain when he knows someone else is ill or in pain. I've never had that happen, though.

Lol now if only i could figure out these other two. I have so many more honestly. But don't want to go overboard, and bombard this site with a bunch of stuff lol.

I can't speak for others, but I don't mind if someone posts a lot in a community. I think it helps keep the community active, too. :)

Nov. 22nd, 2013 03:17 am (UTC)
I've had similar experiences (different animal, different surroundings/situations). You can eventually, if you want, figure out a way for them not to cause such a physical burden. Meditation can help with that quite a bit in that it gives you a daily opportunity to figure out where your energy levels are, sort out what may have caused changes, and decide whether it's a good change or a bad one that might be problematic. You probably shield naturally anyway; that seems to be a skill a lot of people pick up simply from a sense of self-preservation, especially if there've been domestic disagreements as a kid or for a while as an adult. You might also, depending on how you've been contacted about this ability, decide to thank the giver and humbly request that you'd understand more/better if their message came when you were naturally asleep instead of simply pulling you out of your daily routine. This coupled with meditation made communication easier in the long run, to the point that I can choose when to "tune in" regardless of whether I'm asleep or awake. (It took several years, however, and some pretty dedicated self work before I could connect thoroughly.) If you can't meditate, coloring is one of the best ways I know to relax. There are coloring books out there for "grown ups" of mandalas and fractal designs that let the mind wander or center. And there really isn't a joy in the world quite like a new box of crayons. :)

As for your daughter, if I had "growing up" to do over, I'd want my dad to make sure home is a safe place where I could just be quiet if I wanted, where "talking to imaginary friends" when she's 10 and 12 is still entirely okay, and there's no need to be ashamed of nightmares or general "childishness" into pre-teen years (and older even). Being "Grown up" is serious business and being thought 'weird' can be lonely. And if she, too, is an empath, she could well run across the sort of people who will take advantage of her kind and generous nature for their own gain as early as middle school. When you're strange, you need a safe haven somewhere, and there is deep magic in Home.
Nov. 22nd, 2013 08:53 am (UTC)
Thank you! it might sound obscure, but how exactly do i meditate? Growing up, i never had these types of things. I didn't grow up in a family bringing Forward this type of way if life. And I did have an Extremely difficult childhood (my mother was never really much of a "mom" I was the person she used as her personal punching bag.. And until 2 yrs ago, I was used as a cover up So to speak by my ex husband.. Was married for 7 yrs, before finding out i didn't match up With the parts he wanted) i have definitely developed a very large shield around myself. I've hit a lot of snags and bumps and bruises in my life.. I've tried thinking of nothing.. But that seems to just make me think more. Not to mention, I've always kept the policy that I would rather b busy then bored. I would love to b able to to Have a control over when the urge if you will, hits. Do u know at all what causes this? Why the animal that appears is me do to speak? And thank you for thinking about my daughter.. Home is the one place she can actually feel zsecure. I noticed over her k and 1 classes she would come home upset, not because she was bullied, but because some one else was.. But it affected her deeply. She finally told me 6 months app, that she could feel how others were feeling in school.., in a way, it had been good for her, because, she doesn't want to make Others feel that way., she is fully allowed to feel hey feelings at home, good bad or indifferent. She is so much like me, and I understand how important it can be b to just let it all out.. I appreciate your kindness fully. :)
Larry Day
Nov. 25th, 2014 04:56 pm (UTC)
typical begginers meditation starts with concentrating on the breath.Your description of your gift, definitely sounds like the gift of empathy. As you progrees you will find this gift helpful, with differeant forms of divination.Such ae the Tarot and the Runes, possibly palm reading. there is an empathic style but it can be very unsettiling. I would suggest finding an empath to teach you to use your gift, or a teacher to teach you the Craft.these things can be complicated over chat rooms and facebook.Any support I may offer please avail yoursself at any time, hope this post has helped in some small way.
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